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Dry type p

Power tran

Dry type t

H class dr
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oodow is committed to China's SMEs inion management, that customers create value and responsibility to help customers be more successful, by the east wind of the Olympic Games was founded in 2008, is a business inion service focused on new IT businesses. Is a leader in China's software industry Kingdee (Kingdee) Friends of the operators Foshan agents, partners with Chinese Wan network, the Internet era, Alibaba, Ali software, Kingdee, speed up, will rely on strong technical strength and high quality services for Foshan enterprise inion to contribute their part.
The company's development goal is to become the local's largest and most well-known implementation of enterprise inion technology consulting service providers. Many members of the company have thre...

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Dry type power transformer

Power transformer

Dry type transformer supporting air cooling fan th

H class dry SGB power transformer

Epoxy resin casting dry type distribution transfor

Oil-immersed power transformer

Power transformer on-load changer

35 kV power transformer
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